How to eat in Iceland without spending a fortune

Yes. It’s true. Food is expensive in Iceland!

BUT…you can spend a fraction of what most tourists spend if you stay at the right places.

The guest house we stayed at in Grindavik (15 minutes from the Blue Lagoon)

The guest house we stayed at in Grindavik (15 minutes from the Blue Lagoon)

Guest houses are the best way to save money.

Staying at a guest house instead of a hotel allows you access to a kitchen, and a fridge.

The owners also often have breakfast included in the price. It’s not much, but it’s a free meal.

Then go to the local grocery store. Meat is expensive even in the grocery stores. But we made pasta dishes and bought things to make sandwiches.

I maybe didn’t eat like I would at home. But our primary goal of this trip was to explore the beautiful country.

That being said, we did dine out at some amazing restaurants. We picked two nights of our 5 night trip to dine out. But the cost didn’t feel as bad since we saved on so many of our other meals.

We had some incredible Cod and lamb dishes at Halldorskaffi in Vik. And Sky Bar in Reykjavik. While those meals were costly they were also impeccable.

Some of the best lamb I’ve ever had at Halldorskaffi in Vik, Iceland
Fresh Icelandic Cod at Halldorskaffi in Vik, Iceland

Whatever you do, don’t order a pizza ($38 for a large) Just wait until you get home to fulfill your urge for the cheesy carb load.

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