Snorkeling for FREE on your vacation is possible!

You don’t always have to book with a tour group. Now, sometimes that’s the only way, or the safest way to do something. BUT when it comes to snorkeling…often times you can handle this one on your own. 

Chileno Bay, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

What can I say, we often end up making new friends when we travel. We met a group of friends from California at our resort in Cabo San Lucas who taught us a trick we didn’t know, our resort would let us borrow (for FREE) gear to go snorkeling.

We checked out the gear and then took a quick car ride to Chileno Bay and we saved a ton! 

Chileno Bay is one of the top spots to snorkeling in Cabo. We were surrounded by tourist boats. So we knew we were in the right spot. 

Chileno Bay, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

A snorkeling adventure in Cabo can run anywhere from $20-$150 a person. 

If you want to keep costs down on your beach vacation, just check if the spots you want to snorkel can be accessed easily from shore, and if so…maybe skip that pricey tour. 

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