Mush! Let’s go dog sledding

This requires a drive to some of the most rural spots in the world. But for the adventure seeker, so worth it!

Dog sledding at Nature’s Kennel, McMillan, Michigan

We went to Michigan’s upper peninsula. We stayed at an 1850s former railroad hotel called Chamberlin’s Inn.

Dog sledding at Nature’s Kennel, McMillan, Michigan

Our cells dropped out completely when we were still about 15 minutes away from Nature’s Kennel. Off the beaten path is an understatement.

The drive to Nature’s Kennel

I highly recommend the ride and drive options. It is a blast to drive a sled but having the option to ride for a bit allows you to really take in the sights, and enjoy this exhilarating ride from two very different perspectives.

Winter is the best season. Obviously snow is essential. But if you happen to be in one of these locations in the summer they do offer rides with 4-wheelers. A total different type of ride but the trainers say these dogs need exercise year-round so they improvise.

Bonus: Meeting puppies!!!

Puppies at Nature’s Kennel

There are many other places around the world to do this too. 

Norway: There are a few places within a reasonable drive of Oslo. Or you can venture up to Tromso

Canada: There are some places north of Toronto. Or head out to British Columbia

USA: Head to Michigan’s upper peninsula or northern Wisconsin

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No. Really. How safe are hostels?

It depends where you are. It depends how they’re designed. And it depends how much luggage you travel with. 

Héraðsskólinn Hostel, Laugarvatn, Iceland
Héraðsskólinn Hostel, Laugarvatn, Iceland


Some have rooms with bunks lined up next to one another. 

Our private room at Héraðsskólinn Hostel, Laugarvatn, Iceland

Some have private bedrooms that lock and shared bathrooms down the hallway. 

Shared bathroom, Héraðsskólinn Hostel, Laugarvatn, Iceland


In Iceland, our hostel, Heraosskolinn, was nicer than some hotels we visited. Though we did have to use a shared bathroom. A good question to ask when booking, how many rooms/people share the bathrooms. Because the last thing you want is lining up to shower and wasting precious time you could be using to explore. 

View from our private room, Héraðsskólinn Hostel, Laugarvatn, Iceland

In New Zealand, we rented a room at Funky Green Voyager with two beds with a door we could lock. We shared a bathroom.

Funky Green Voyager Hostel, Rotorua, New Zealand

Honestly, these were both amazing experiences because we met so many incredible people from all over the globe. 

Héraðsskólinn Hostel, Laugarvatn, Iceland
Héraðsskólinn Hostel, Laugarvatn, Iceland


If you have a suitcase and decide to stay at a hostel where you share a room with other travelers you don’t know, think about where you will keep your luggage secure while you go off exploring for the day. 

If you have a rental car, you can secure your things in that. But bottom line, if you don’t travel light a shared room at a hostel is likely not your best option. 

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