Rafting underground through the Waitomo Caves

For the adventure seeker heading to New Zealand’s north island this is the perfect activity to plan. 

Waitomo Caves, North Island, New Zealand

The day I went black water rafting is one I will never forget. It was one of the most amazing experiences. 

The view as you belay down into the cave

You belay from a beautiful green landscape down into a system of underground caves. Grab a tube and go for one of the best rides. 

Belaying into the cave system

Once deep inside the caves with no natural light your guide will use a noisemaker to bring out the glow worms. They instantly light up the caves. 

At some spots on the journey you have to find unique ways to get through certain areas
Even though we had just met these people you quickly end up working as a team
The glow worms are not easy to capture on camera but those dots above us, those are the very long glow worms hanging from the top of the cave
Limestone formations inside the caves

Waitomo is a bit off the beaten path. So you need to rent a car to get there. Not much around. But worth the journey through all New Zealand’s windy roads. 

The victorious picture of our group after we rock climbed out of the cave
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